Где-то там, в пустоте, за горами в снегу,
За слепым горизонтом, манящим чертой,
Смотрит в серую мглу на крутом берегу
Та, что любит меня просто так, ни за что…
(Яков Баст)

авторские куклы илоны лоик art dolls by ilona loik

Интерьерная кукла.


The doll made of polymer clay darwi.
The eyes are painted by hand with acrylic paints. Make-up is made pastel colors.

The position of the hands , legs can be changed. Sitting alone, standing with support.

The mixed media. Face, arms and legs- clay darwi. Taurus textile.

Doll for not playing.It is designed for home decor. He is no toy and is intended for the adult collector only
Thank you so much for looking and, as always, I’d always love to hear from you!

She is movable, her size 70 cm